Making And Sending Kindness

“Do not withhold what is good from those who deserve it; if it is within your power to give it, do it.” Proverbs 3:27 (voice)

Welcome to DCN’s M.A.S.K. Ministry!

With the world gripped by COVID-19 and the rapid spread of the pandemic all around us, DCN wanted to help those in need. Since the mandate to wear masks in public was announced, there has been a surge in ordering masks.

This has led to a shortage and a real need in our community.

Recently a member of our church family had it laid upon her heart to start a M.A.S.K. Ministry. This stands for Making And Sending Kindness. A huge team of people from our church family pulled together to make this ministry happen.

If you are in need of masks for your family, we want to offer you a FREE mask for each member of your family. We have masks for adults, teens and children.

We are currently in Round 1 which is being donated to a local service who helps out community children. Once those have been delivered, we will reset and announce that Round 2 is open to the public.

Keep an eye on our Facebook Page and on Danvers Patch for the announcement that Round 2 is live.